RAFT Botanicals Hibiscus Lavender Oops!, 250 ml

The same great taste as our regular Hibiscus Lavender, but without the bright color that it normally has. We received hibiscus flowers that didn't yield a tea that met our aesthetic standards, but we didn't want to waste a batch of syrup that still tasted just as good. So we're offering it at a discount. 

RAFT Hibiscus Lavender Oops combines two power flowers in a calming, restorative mixer sure to brighten your day and delight your guests.

  • Use RAFT with soda water for a delicious natural soda with 50% less sugar per serving than most sodas
  • Craft a cocktail with vodka, tequila, gin, or Prosecco
  • This 250 ml (8.4 oz.) glass bottle contains 16 servings
  • Slow-brewed in Portland, Oregon with organic botanicals and organic cane sugar

No preservatives, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors or colors. Vegan. May contain naturally-occurring pectin, shake well. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Best used within 2 months after opening.